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Ribiza solid lipstick

Solid lipstick

580,000 Tomans

Ribiza dechlorination powder

Ribiza Bleaching Powder

Hair color base lightener with protective particles
1,200,000 Tomans

Crystalline hair repairing serum containing ribiza argan oil

Ribiza repair serum

Very strong hair restorative
680,000 Tomans

Hair color

Ribiza hair color

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1,750,000 Tomans

Let's welcome summer

Clouds-Lightly pancakes

Six different colors for each skin background color with wonderful coverage, matte effect and high durability, the perfect makeup requirement for your beautiful face

Popular Tiamo powder cream

Our dream cream powder for a professional and matte makeup with skin oil control and perspiration resistant with you all day long to double the beauty of your face
Are you looking for a good sunscreen?

The brightening and anti-wrinkle sunscreen + SPF50 + Ribiza, using minerals, has a high and long-lasting protective effect on the skin against UVA-UVB-IR rays of sunlight. The function of this product is such that in addition to maintaining the softness of the skin, it prevents pimples and acne and creates a matte appearance on the skin. Using this product helps to eliminate wrinkles caused by harmful sunlight and increase the age of your skin. Rejuvenates and doubles the beauty of the skin by creating a uniform layer in harmony with the natural color of the skin.

For all ages and skin

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Beauty show

Choose the right cosmetics to help maintain your beauty to reflect the natural charm of your face. Complete your cosmetic bag with our quality products and create a makeup that suits your personality.

Hair protection

Crystal serum containing argan oil with filters to protect against harmful sun rays and hair care against the heat of hair dryers and irons, to help nourish and revitalize hair damaged by color and dechlorination

Skin rejuvenation

A strong moisturizing cream containing ginseng and peach extract that regenerates your skin and reduces inflammation as it prevents skin inflammation, thus maintaining its youth and freshness.

Immortalize your smile

Thiamo Liquid Lipstick

Thiamo lipstick has a soft and light texture and at the same time long lasting. With each application of Tiamo Liquid Lipstick Applicator, you can enjoy a soft texture, shiny effect with a large and lasting color volume. An important feature of this product is high durability and no effect of transfer around the lips during the day.

Rebiza solid lipstick

We have put together a collection of unique colors to make your lips look beautiful. Light and velvety texture with strong pigments with high durability and no greasy effect on the lips and allergens can give you the most beautiful smile. Find the color you want with any style and taste

Be brighter than the sun

Two phase spray

The very strong moisturizing complex used in Ribiza two-phase sprays prevents the hair shaft from drying out and becoming brittle, making it soft and manageable. It completely strengthens, repairs and nourishes the hair and increases the strength of the hair

decloration powder

Due to the presence of silica particles, Ribiza dechlorination powder prevents damage to the hair and with the maximum lightening power of the base color, it has the ability to achieve the desired color and to create unwanted colors such as yellow and orange on the hair when dechlorinating. Prevents and gives you shiny and shiny hair.

Hair care mask

It is essential to use a care mask to maintain the freshness and care of the hair after each wash. Preventing the destruction of cells and hair shafts, repair between cell tissues and increasing the life of cells are some of the properties of Rebiza hair mask, which helps maintain the health of your hair by relying on the nutritious vitamins formed in these products.

Oxidant cream

What distinguishes Ribiza Oxidant Cream from other products on the market is the lack of fragrance to prevent any allergies in this product and relying on conditioners, does not cause excessive drying of hair after coloring and as an accelerator Chemical activity plays an important role in the effect of hair color.

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